It’s Happening, AGAIN! Lol

Yesterday, on my Facebook “memories”, it was revealed to me it was the anniversary of me taking possession of a set of vintage prints by Stefan de Batselier. And to my surprise and wonderment, I heard from Stefan, thanking me for giving him photographer’s credit on the photos. Well, that credit was long overdue.

I contacted Stefan to make sure he was okay with me sharing the images on the blog. Thankfully he was fine with that. So now, not only did I give credit, but I actually have PERMISSION to share them on the blog…which is fantastic. Thank you, Stefan!

Of course, with the Facebook “memory” anniversary, I shared an edited version of the memory, hiding one particular “aspect” of one of the photos.

As with the last time, even though I had NOT shared the full photo, it once again became a talking point. Long story short, there’s a mystery over who the dark figure is to Jim’s right. I was saying if I had the nerve, I’d post the image to the SMO wall and ask him…with it being suitably censored.

I censored it accordingly…but, a banana was requested as a censor “prop”…so, for fun, I obliged…

Heaven help me! I’m gonna get myself into trouble all over again!