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  1. No, please no! I love to read this blog with all your very personal thoughts, beautiful art and impressive collection of memoralia/press articles/photos. Fandom in all its beauty. I think you may overrract this whole Facebook thing, and as far as I know this man he is very impulsive but is not at all a person to hold a grudge. Have you tried to remove yourself from the official SMO site and then again try to register? If not possible please be patient – you will soon be ”in” again and you will both have a laugh about it. He is only human and so is you, and you shall NOT regret having express your opinions!!! The man himself has fought for everyone’s right to express their opinions! Good luck, and keep on being you!

    • Thanks, Elisabeth.
      I’m…just trying to come to terms with things right now. I hope this will not be the end of things. But things are just so raw and…huge right now. I’m best to stay removed from it. If I bring myself in to things, I’ll regret things.
      I can’t help but feel a huge sea change on the way. Stay tuned with the blog. There are things on the way. Great things that some Simple Minds fans will no doubt enjoy.
      Thank you so, so much. The past few years, this blog…although personal…has really also been quite a labour of love.
      Your support has floored me. Thank you ❤️

      • ❤️ Hang in there girl! You know:

        ”Here she comes
        The wild wind blows
        In rhythms of season
        In young life and reasons
        Deceiving and pleasing to some
        Wild girls wild
        In epic beauty wild
        Surviving these changes
        In paces and faces
        In free wonder”

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