Joe Donnelly (Caezar) Talks To Debbie McGee On BBC Radio Berkshire

You can hear his interview with Debbie around the 1 hour 38 minute mark. She does initially refer to Caezar as The Silencers…but she gets it in the end.

It was a lovely interview. I shall extract it from the rest of the program to keep a permalink here, but for the moment, you can listen to the interview (skipping forward to 1hr 38mins) by CLICKING HERE.

I’m really looking forward to Saturday night in merry Windsor. Really hoping the album arrives by post on Friday. It’s been great listening to the album on Spotify these past few weeks, but to hear it on vinyl is going to be fab…let alone hearing the tracks live 🙂

From what I can gather, tickets for the gig are still available. If you can get to Windsor on Saturday night, why not check the guys out. I get the feeling we’re in for a good night! You can get tickets HERE

One of the tracks chosen to be played during the interview was current single, Love Is A Reason – fabulous video!


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