Bespectacled Beauty…

A fave pic of mine has been him in glasses in the New Gold Dream tour program in heavy eyeliner…

(I’m sure if you search for the NGD program on here, you’ll find the pic I mean.)

Oh, but he is capturing some gems recently. Geez! Nearly bloody 60 and the man is as stunning as ever! Not that I’d tell him that on SMO! His ego gets massaged MORE than enough there! Lol.

And enough here, to be honest. I mean, if he ever feels as if he isn’t getting enough…adulation, all he has to do is type in: and hey presto! Ego boost central! Lol

He’s making sure he’s hiding that left ear from me though, the teasing bitch! Suit yourself. I’ll just gain a penchant for your right ear instead. Lol 😜


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