The Magic Is Back!

Oh, he must be bored today…so much posting! So much feedback!

Maybe it’s because I’ve been quiet on there lately? Lol. He feels free to interact with others? That smacks of so much self-importance. Lol. I’m sure the reality is he couldn’t give a flying fig…as much as I want him to.

Oh, but I am sssooo happy to see all the activity. I wish it were so ALL THE TIME.

AND…then there was this too…

Oh, that “Cherisse is unique” line…I had that “unique” thing said of my art, once. Back when he loved them…when perhaps I didn’t come across so much as a sycophantic ninny…even though from very early on my pieces were absolute symbols of devotion and love, with the focus solely on Jim and his lyrics. Perhaps the sycophancy just got too much? I’m sure one can positively DROWN in a sea of adulation? I would not know.

I feel as if I have improved immeasurably from that point on. And I wish for more opportunities to use my own images…but unless I was allowed to take a pro camera into a press pit…well, all pipe dreams. All the time…dreams…

Neither is he disappointing in letting his “bitch” out…but at the heart of it always, the right message…

Oh…just to have time with this man. I will die dreaming for it…I really will.

Thank you for your presence today, Jim. You just don’t know how much it is welcomed.

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