Ask A (Not Very) Silly Question…

Well, the question itself definitely isn’t, but the language I used is. My spirits were lifted from him being around today, what can I say? My mood should not be swayed by others…but of course it is. It’s human nature…and…an empath’s curse? Anyway, enjoy my silly waffling post…or if you are perhaps someone who has an aversion to me, but for SOME REASON still likes to visit my blog, slagging me off and requesting I kill myself…then don’t enjoy it. It is my pleasure 🙂


Oh, it’s that time again…when the curiosity gets the better of me and I come here asking questions. I don’t think I have asked this particular question before…and you may have answered it several times over already…but maybe you have changed your mind since the last time you were asked.

Lol. YES! I will get to my point. Patience, dear Sir (consider it…”foreplay”…for want of better phrasing…)

The new edition of Classic Rock has a BIG main feature about Bowie’s “Greatest songs – as chosen by the stars”…it says. Well, I was expecting to see your name SOMEWHERE within the pages, but to my astonishment, it was missing! A deplorable oversight!

The Jean Genie is in amongst them…expected to see you there, really…but perhaps despite the link, it is not your actual favourite Bowie track? So…which is, and why? If, of course, you care to share, Jim.

Mine for a loooong time was A New Career In A New Town…but in recent years (the past 5 years or so), I have grown an incredible love for Teenage Wildlife – there’s almost some strange link there between my two favourites by my two favourites…a link at least in title alone: Teenage Wildlife – Wonderful In Young Life. A bond in songs about ones formative years.

Anyway…I shall leave it with you. If you still have some spare time left today, after the several moments it took to read this waffling post, you may reply.

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