Strike While The Mood Takes

The photoshoot of Jim in…France, I think it is, in March 1982 is just stunning.

All those years of wondering what happened to Virginia Turbett for it to be SHE that finds ME..I now wonder what happened to Janette Beckman. To my knowledge this photoset is the only one I know of that she took of Jim/Simple Minds.

Originals would be nice…but Getty charge a BOMB. I wish money was no object.

And I still have so many of Virginia’s to get still.

I work in low res, really. And I don’t sell the things I produce. And when I make things using copyright images, I don’t even give them away, like I do with stuff that comes from my own photos or video stills.

Just seeing this image of Janette’s today had me wanting to do something with it. If nothing else, it gives me time to just stare at him, awestruck by how gloriously beautiful he is. I know! Hopeless case. I need putting down. Lol (perhaps that is why a number of them end up with multiple Jims)


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