How Bloody RUDE!!!

We all age at different rates and ways. Jim can do things I can’t, and I’m 11 years younger than him! This is so disrespectful! Honestly! There’s NOTHING wrong with them!

And you’re obviously sssooo proud of the way you look, you’ve got a modern picture of yourself as your profile pic- NOT!

JIM KEEPS IN SHAPE…hiking…and bloody gigging half the year! Charlie still looks bloody good.

Oh. My. God!

Oh, Jim…give him hell, please?! Lol. How dare he.

Mate…Jim would eat you FOR BREAKFAST! I am never one for condoning violence…but if he wanted to “sort you out”, I wouldn’t be trying to stop him. I really hope you can outrun him…if you really think you’re fitter than him…BE READY!


Definitely aimed at Jim and Charlie ONLY…for one. And no…not “good bitch”…out and out C U Next Tuesday 🙂 Have a nice day, Mr I-Look-After-Myself-So-Well-I-Have-A-Thirty-Year-Old-Profile-Pic!

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