Jim And Charlie Walk Between Worlds Signing At HMV Glasgow – Feb 2nd

A very special event at the HMV store in Argyle Street, Glasgow on February 2nd. Jim and Charlie will be signing copies of Walk Between Worlds. For those with an HMV Pure card, you had priority access to tickets. GUESS WHO GOT THEMSELVES AN HMV PURE CARD JUST PRIOR TO CHRISTMAS LAST YEAR?! *points thumbs to self*

MAN…did I JUMP ON THIS! I didn’t have enough points on my card and I had to buy some….but then HMV were giving me a heart attack, as the points took about 10 minutes to be placed on the card. I WAS FREAKING OUT! But…once the points were on…YASSSSS!

The priority passes have now sold out. Those who want to go now…well, you kinda gotta live in Glasgow because you need to pre-order the CD from the store to get a wristband for the signing. Only 300 wristbands are available. They’ve been available since Jan 5th! Has NO SM fan been to HMV Argyle Street to pre-order and tell us?

Anyway…I’m VERY excited…but in a bind…as there may be a chance that I (IN THE CRUELEST TWIST OF IRONY POSSIBLE!) may NOT be available for this…AND WHILE BEING IN GLASGOW! YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS KINDA SHIT UP!

I won’t know for sure until early next week…

But, in the meantime…a tentative squeeeeeee!

More info on the day can be found HERE AT THE HMV site.

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