The Anchoress – Kings Place

“Gonna be a long year”….
Thank you for playing such a big part in it, Catherine 🙂

Priptona's Simple Minds Space

Last night I went to see The Anchoress in London at a venue called Kings Place. And what a lovely place it is too! A big “all-in-one” venue. A lovely open space with a gallery, a cafe, posh restaurant and two concert halls!

There was an exhibition by an artist called Shanti Panchal. He paints in watercolour but the technique he uses makes the pieces look anything but watercolour. They are rich and vibrant. Not something you expect to see with watercolour but he uses a layering technique. Really liked his stuff. A lot his art was for sale, but I am WAAY too skint to even think of buying anything of his, sadly.

Martin Grech, the support act for Catherine, was really wonderful. He has a wonderfully unorthodox style of piano playing and a really beautiful voice. Very haunting. I really enjoyed his set and I will seek out…

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