Heitor Magno

Gotta say some of this is freaking me out. And this is from 2015. I had NEVER heard of him until very recently. Similarities that occured were genuinely 100% coincidence. Flipping heck!
Hope he was worth the money (probably so). Who wants some amateur “pretender” anyways, right?
This is NOT bitterness talking….just the eternal wishful thinker.

Charlotte Wallington

Heitor Magno is a well-known Brazilian visual artist who very much knows the simple principle of using the technique of using a single coloured image in order to bring out the best of both worlds in a sea of black and white imagery. He seems to be equally at home working with both colour and black and white simultaneously, dressing the models with engineering/poetry which helps to magnify each element creating some breath-taking, intelligent shots.


Over the years many aspiring artist have managed to create their own signature style in relation to his work but from my own personal point of view, Magno is one of the best.

Mango works a great deal with double exposure  which has been around the photographic spotlight for years and which is what I would like to create and introduce into my own work. During the thought process of considering how collage/montage could work…

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