That Digital SPARK

Oh, damn! I want to do this, I really want to do this! I may not have the actual artistic flare and skill within my own hands, as such…but I have the spark, the mind, the visuals, the synapses….

It’s like cherries on a vine. I look up, I grab the elements I need…find the ripest, juiciest cherries on the vine and collect them in a bowl…and just…make jam with them! (Yeah, shit analogy! Lol)

Yes, I know…I’m talking gibberish. It’s just…a new idea is forming and I don’t want to lose it!

I can make digital dynamism and I know I’m NOT deluding myself with this!

Could I draw them from scratch? No.
But, Tracey Emin can’t draw to save her life! (And I absolutely love this woman!) She draws better than me though! Could she do what I do with the tools that I have???? Maybe…but I doubt it.

Give 100 people the same tools I use, would they produce the same things I do? I dunno…
Thousands of people are using these apps anyway.

I love it. I just love it.
I feel…ALIVE when I make them.

I wish they meant as much to others as they do to me…

THREE DAYS LATER: As my wonderful friend, Kelly, pointed out to me…cherries grow on trees – my analogy was fucked from the start! Lol (she didn’t say that). She also said “you can make magic AND art with the tools you use, no question”….and she has a Fine Arts degree from UCLA Berkeley, no less! 🙂

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