Today I Have Been Mostly…

Wallowing in self-pity and throwing myself into getting nearer that SM lyric art deadline. 

My birthday should feel WAAAY off…but it doesn’t. Not when I’ve given myself something like (I’ve not counted an actual figure) 130 Minds lyric art pieces to do by November 1st. If I am done by Oct 31st, I’m going to have a right piss up for my birthday! (I probably won’t. When I’m in…not such a good place, alcohol seems a grand idea…but it never is. Some other substance would be better. Sex would be bloody fabulous! TWENTY FOUR YEARS!!!! Doubt that’ll happen…)

Anyways…you peeps don’t need to hear my crap. Here are two I worked on and completed today. Dunno. Meh. Lost objective…

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