Sightseeing Images – Gig One – Glasgow

A selection of images taken during the trip to Glasgow for Gig One on my Acoustic “gig hop” tour. 

I did wonder whether the “Multi Lingual Tour” included Gaelic…

Had to take a snap of “The Duke”. I couldn’t believe my luck that he was just a couple hundred yards down the road from the Travelodge I stayed at. I wanted to get to see him on my first trip to Glasgow last November, but time just didn’t allow. I had every intention of hunting him down this time, to make sure I saw him…and there he was as I made my way to the hotel! Serendipity! 

I don’t know as much about politics as I should. But I do try to educate myself, which now means I probably know much more about British political history than I do of Australian political history. As a result of this, I had heard of Donald Dewar, who sadly passed away shortly after I moved to the UK. Quite literally one of a dying breed…a politician for the people, not out for personal gain with a singular objective. 

An upcoming gig. How amazing would it be to see this legend at such a beautiful venue?!

“And I would walk a four mile round trip…and I would walk a four mile round trip once more”! Literally the “hole-y” grail of doughnut shops!

Designed by – the wonderfully named on Instagram – Furiously Drawn Cocks. It beats being called “Banksy”. Lol

A claddagh symbol has never looked more beautiful!

As I made my way back to the Travelodge, post-gig, I noticed that someone had got up and taped one of these flyers around the feet of The Duke’s horse. Lol

The next day was time for an exploration beyond Glasgow’s city limits and so I went here…just a short and inexpensive train journey heading south west from Glasgow. Normally a short journey…but muggins here got on the wrong train at Glasgow Central and caught the express train which its first stop was Kilwinning! Lol. So, I had to get off at Kilwinning and get a train BACK to Lochwinnoch. I got there in the end…and what a beautiful place it was!

“Happily I write beneath the trees.”

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