The Simple Minds International 40th Anniversary Compilation Album

Gordon Machray – admin to the SMI Facebook page asked the question who wanted to design the album cover to the just-for-fun (though given the work it has made him compiling it, he may not deem it “fun” now!) compiled 40th Anniversary “Best of” based on group member choices.

Well, no one else really put themselves forward. In actual fact, several people put me forward before I bit.

I realised after I had designed it, it wasn’t square. Oops. Too used to doing the prints I do. Must be more mindful next time (assuming there’s a next time). I delivered a “cheats” square design to Gordon. Whether he now uses it remains to be seen.

Well, here’s the front anyway. It doesn’t have a back, because I don’t have the full list of songs. I like what I did. I’m sure the G Bear won’t mind me sharing it now? Assuming he’s gonna use it. 

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