Reflections In 2016 – February and March

(Images are of various bits of interactivity on the SM Facebook page. Click the images to enlarge and view.)

February started out OK, from memory. The weather was still mild at times. Of course there were some hot days through January and into the early part of Feb, but there were good spells of relief with cooler days in between.

As for the Minds interactivity with my art? It just kept going on! It actually ramped up! Jim shared several of my lyric pieces on the main SMO page. He also replied to lots of comments and things. It was amazing! Every day there seemed to be something new. Something that would make my day and put me on a cloud. It was WONDERFUL.

Most of February, and into the middle of March, I stayed home with mum. I ventured out to my second visit to Catmosphere, a cat cafe in the centre of Sydney.

My first visit was on January 5th…the afternoon of the day Jim shared the Hunter And The Hunted art piece. My second visit become just as auspicious, for the printed copy of the HATH piece I had my OH to print up and send to SM management, had come back personally signed by Jim.

The weather turned by mid Feb and was stinking hot. Day after day after day. It just seemed to go on and on. It made for some touch, tetchy times between myself and mum. Mum kept having fainting spells and trouble with food, and she’s so bloody stubborn, I couldn’t suggest anything. I was being a mother’s daughter and doing as I was told rather than standing up to her and making her do things that would have been best for her. But, I just wanted to be with her and enjoy the time I had left with her…so maybe I was being selfish too?

I finally got a proper bed to sleep on too. I’d been sleeping on a sofa bed the whole time I’d been there (mid Sept.) and although it seemed comfy enough at first…after a few weeks, OUCH!

The hot weather continued into March, as did all the wonderful interactivity with Jim on the Minds FB page.

I had a really bad day in early March. I still can’t go into the why. I do not want to give the person concerned ammunition, or a sense that they made me feel very threatened and scared at times…but it was a bad day. And so to put my mind off it, I did a piece for Spaceface. I wrote a message to Jim about the bad day I was having, that I almost didn’t work on a lyric piece that day and just what Spaceface meant to me. That it lifted me. That it was my happy song. And I’ve talked about this several times this year already…but it meant everything. He shared the piece on the wall…and I cried and cried.

My “Spaceface” moment as I now refer to it. My Spaceface moment happened.

I visited Adelaide for a second time on my trip out to Oz. My first visit (my very first visit to Adelaide, ever!) was in the October. My return trip was highly anticipated. Mum and I needed a break from each other.
My second time with Janis and the rest of her family was again, wonderful. Janis herself, her husband, Jim and their three kids are just the most beautiful people. And Adelaide is a beautiful place. I really did fall in love with it. A lovely city. Not a huge place. Just right. Oh, and the hills!!! The Adelaide Hills where Janis lives! The food! The countryside! Just beautiful.

I had new tattoos done while I was over there, in a town called Hahndorf. Established by German settlers. What a lovely place! Janis held my hand as I got “inked up” with my Simple Minds tattoo and had my original rosebud tattoo I’d had done 23 years earlier, re-inked. Plus a late, impromptu addition of a bluebird flying away from the rosebud on my left shoulder, in homage to David Bowie. One of his final recorded songs, Lazarus, contains the line “I’ll be free, just like that bluebird.”

A few days later, my second real “wow” moment of the year. Sharing yet another art piece on the SMO wall…and Jim REQUESTING a copy of it to hang on his studio wall. The Hunter And The Hunted thing was one thing…and a very beautiful thing it was. And it will always be special…but to have Jim, without me ever suggesting it, make a personal request for a printed copy of my “Somebody Up There Likes You/Waterfront” piece just…took my breath away.

I’m forever having to label it like that. Lol. I did the piece as a visual interpretation for Somebody Up There Likes You, but beautiful Sir saw it as Waterfront, because of the image of the band I used and from me placing them on the beach. So, it has a duel title. 🙂

Song of this part of the year has to be Spaceface…

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