So Far, So Distant, And So Long Ago: Simple Minds In Berlin 1980

“I can remember – standing by the wall” – Heroes, David Bowie

A fantastic photo booklet by journalist Ronnie Gurr – published independently by Hanging Around Books. On a limited run of 250. As soon as I was made aware of its existence (by Sir Kerr, no less! Having seen the pictures from the book shared – WITHOUT WATERMARKS! Tsk tsk – by the Simple Minds Latin America Instagram account) I *had* to snap up a copy. Two copies, in fact! One to use as a way of framing some of the photos and putting them up on my walls, the other to keep in tact and hopefully get signed by Jim (if I am a good and lucky girl…and one who can pluck up the courage to try. If I can appear on telly, this should be a cinch, right?! No!) during my “gig hop” tour of the UK Acoustic shows.

I’m not sure how many of these will be left to buy. I’d get in quick, if I were you! If it isn’t too late already! It is available to purchase here:

Sir seemed happy to learn that yet MORE photos of him will be adorning MY walls too! He loves that I love him! That’s fun…

Much more explained here by the Mister (it’s probably one of his best written posts – bloody wordsmith!)

(For those looking via Desktop…go to the Simple Minds Official Facebook page and look at today’s post from Jim.)

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