This Is Going To Take Sooo Long…

Dear Multi-national Music Publishing Company…

Do you think you could just glance at my email?

Point me in the right direction?

Even…CONSIDER ME? So I can try have my store back up and legitimately running?

I mean…I have millions of pounds of stock to shift! *tongue planted firmly in cheek*

What say you?

Ms S Fry

*taps fingers slowly and rhythmically on table top*

There must be thousands of people doing this stuff! Of course, I am the sucker who wants to do things the right way. Well…I do! I don’t want my arse sued…I don’t want a monkey on my back. But it really doesn’t feel fair that I’m trying to do the right thing here, why God knows howmany others are flouting it, either knowingly, or otherwise.

If I could just be heard. Know what I can and can’t do. Know for sure what can and can’t be used. What, if anything, I’ll need to pay. 


I don’t want to give up! But, perhaps it was what was desired? For me to just…give up and go away.

I’m small fry! How can I be deemed this much a threat? Or this much of a …. thief? 

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