History? My Arse!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the “History of Rock” magazine that’s been on sale. They’ve been going through the years and have got to 1982. I excitedly picked up a copy to look through while in the ASDA, sure to find that the bhoys would feature due to the prominence of New Gold Dream during 1982.

It started out well…

The inside cover showing the covers of David Bowie (well, a caricature anyway) on the NME and Jim on Melody Maker. My two boys pictured together. Awesome!

David has a big feature in the opening pages. I was thinking “but he did bugger all in 1982, really. Baal and the release of Cat People for the film of the same name…other than that, he was pretty quiet.”

Now, the bhoys on the other hand! Promised You A Miracle out in April giving them their first Top 20 hit. Glittering Prize comes out late in the summer and gives them their second Top 20 hit and then New Gold Dream (the album itself) hits in the autumn. They tour everywhere, appear on TOTP and The Tube. The guys are hitting their stride and THIS is all the magazine gives them as a mention?! You have GOT to be kidding me?!!!

Well, fuck you, “History of Rock” *magazine*! Fuck you very much! 

No! I didn’t buy your crap. I took pics of your filthy rag from the ASDA. I would have bought it, had you given Simple Minds the prominence they deserved. As LEAST as much as what Bowie got…or even half that! A bloody single page even! But A PARAGRAPH that was a shitty singles review? 

On ya bike! 

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