Noel on David

Just touching upon January and sharing Jim’s review of Blackstar reminded me to share this. I was listening to BBC Radio 6 Music most of the day yesterday and caught Noel Gallagher in conversation with Steve Lamacq. Noel had chosen a Bowie track to play (well, not actually a Bowie track, per se, but a cover of a Pixies song that Bowie did called Cactus). They spoke about David’s death, and how Noel first got into him.

Towards the end of the excerpt I recorded, Noel spoke about Heathen, giving it due praise, and going on to heap even more praise upon The Next Day.

The impression I got from Jim’s review of Blackstar all those months ago was…he didn’t really much like Bowie’s newer stuff. One of them “it’s all crap after Scary Monsters” types. So to hear Noel discuss Heathen and have a track played from it (albeit a cover) was great…and just the impetus I needed to get the conversation going with Sir about this. I have wanted to for MONTHS!

Thank you Noel!

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