And…This Is Why I Love Him

Jim shared a post yesterday of a musician called “Leæther Strip”. He had reworked/covered several SM songs and had them in a EP on Bandcamp he called Reptile Man Drop. You can listen to the EP here – Reptile Man Drop by Leæther Strip.

The man behind it is called Claus Larsen and later last evening he posted on the SMO visitor wall…

Jim replied to him…

And it just SSOO struck a chord…and I could feel Claus’s happy tears. It transported me back that night to the Spaceface post. (It’ll have a history all of its own soon, these moments will become “Spaceface” moments for me.)

This was Claus’s “Spaceface” moment. I could feel it. I had to reply to him. Just from one to another who had been…encouraged by Sir. 

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