It *ALL* Feels “Static” Right Now…

I’m trying to get things moving…while at the same time treading wary. I’m trying to promote the Etsy shop without being in people’s face. I’ve had such great positivity from lots of people. It has been great. And some have gone the extra mile and bought things. Most importantly because I hope they liked my stuff enough to want to have them, but if it was just to show me that they want to support me, that is awesome too!

Thank you to those who have. You know who you are. 

It’s moving it along…it’s keeping up that push, that momentum. Getting my stuff known without spending a load on advertising, etc. Getting it off the ground is costing mullah. I suppose it’s how it has to be? So much time in the red before (if!) it turns black. 

And still working on ideas. Expanding into other areas. Producing the art. Keeping the creativity going while trying to procure a business head, and the acumen to go with it.

I have the domains and .com but both have nothing there yet. The idea of my OWN shop front scares me…but I don’t want people tied to buying from Etsy. I wanted to try that CERTAIN online aution site, but the OH thinks that’ll be me selling my stuff down the river. She doesn’t think art gets appreciated on “the bay” but it has SSSOO many customers…and I could be seen much more there. Even if it is for just a short time I am there, with even a more limited stock run than on Etsy.

And, then there’s the whole Sir thing. Oh, I would…just…well, I shouldn’t really speak of it here.

It’s the playing of the “long game” whilst feeling like you just need to be up and going, and forging ahead. It puts me in such a bind…but also makes me feel helpless. Static. Stuck in a rut, while wanting to just PUSH ON!

Like trying to run with your arms stuck behind your back. 

To feel motivated yet stuck is…crappy.  

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