More Ticks For New Gold Dream…

Well, as it stood last time…three songs had been ticked off the “extra special meaning” list. Since then we can add Big Sleep (should have added it earlier, really, as I think it slightly preceded Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel) and Somebody Up There Likes You to the list (though Boy be seeing the image link to Waterfront – ok – who am I to argue?!).

That’s now five!

So, let’s see…what do we have left?

Someone Somewhere In Summertime. I looooooved my piece on that. Maybe I’ll have to give him a jolt…or remind myself what he said. I thought that piece was great, but can’t remember him having much reaction to it. The ones I really slave over are (usually) the ones he seems a bit “meh” over. Thanks, Jim! Lol

Promised You A Miracle. Again, a piece already done. And some fans deeming it so good, they pinched it without credit! No biggy. It was nice to be noticed :-)) Didn’t share that one on SMO at the time, so…

Glittering Prize. Again…a piece already made. And I love it. Jim from the video with the action for “could there ever be, ever more than one”. And he is just ssooo gloriously beautiful in that video :-))

King Is White And In The Crowd. God…what an epic song! A piece already done…but quite lame. Early days of my work. Could really try again…and I love the song so :-))

If I can get them highlighted or rejigged…a whole album of “extra special meaning” links will be mine!

But, of course, like I said to Jim…like it NEEDS to be any more special! :-))

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