Kerrsday Thursday – Fashion Victim Jim – Tramp Chic?


I’ve never really understood the look he’s trying to pull off here. I refer to it as “tramp chic”, as he is wearing trousers that seem at least 3 sizes too big for him! In the first photo…a crop top. A CROP TOP!!! I don’t think I’ve seen another man in a crop top…ever! Lol. A muscle shirt…tank top…yes! But a CROP TOP? You are one foolhardy guy, Mr Kerr! Lol. The jacket is as equally ill- fitting, and both jacket and trousers look like they’ve missed the wash the past 17 times. Lol

With the second photo…at least the stripey trousers look a bit cleaner. And, erm…yeah. They are quite…visual… And HOW MANY BUTTONS does that top have??? And he hasn’t even done one up! Lazy git!! Lol (I’m kidding, Jim! But you can still whip me if you want…WHERE *IS* THAT REVENGE?)

Anyway…I’ve savaged him enough for one week. I didn’t want to be too harsh. We’ve all made bad fashion choices. Nine times out of ten, Da Boy be looking mighty, mighty fine šŸ˜‰

Til next week, ciao! 


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