A Change Of Heart? No Cure…

I have been an “uber” Simple Minds fan for a little over 18 months now (I know! Only 18 bloody months!), and I was pretty sure I was set on my likes and dislikes. My likes can fluctuate a little…there are obvious, absolute mainstays like Boys From Brazil, Wonderful In Young Life, Seeing Out The Angel, Spirited Away…but the others in the top 50 fluctuate and jostle for high spots….mostly it revolves around tracks from the first six albums (not a “hard and fast” rule there – and that is NOT to say songs from Sparkle and onwards are not in the top 50 – not true!).
One of the tracks that was firmly in the “no!” camp (I know…it seems as though I’m about to break my “if you haven’t got anything nice to say…” rule, but bear with me!) was No Cure. I tried getting into the Minds BIG TIME back in 2006…and well, it just didn’t gel for some reason. I started in a chronological order, so I gave Life In A Day a listen…and I just couldn’t grasp anything and I gave up very quickly. In 2014, I started chronologically again and this time I could hear something. There was a spark of something. I kept listening and lo and behold!
Although I listen to Life In A Day from start to finish, there are tracks on it I’m not so enamoured with. No Cure was one of them. It had always sounded a bit Boomtown Rats to me. A bit plinky-plonky. I usually like a honky tonk piano but in this song, it grated on me. And for some reason, I found Jim’s voice annoying on this (sorry, gorgeous man!).
But, well…the passage of time has done something. I now hear something different. I’m now liking the honky tonk piano and the wild guitar, and I now find Jim’s voice quite cute (the way he says the word “hot” is…well…hot! Lol)
WHAT A TURN AROUND! I mean, I never really skipped the song (some songs I do actually skip because they GRATE on me that much – oh, he’s gonna divorce me! Lol. Or exact this “revenge” I’m still waiting on!), but it always left me feeling a bit “meh” – which is ironic, given the lyrics. Lol
So, yes. A new-found appreciation for the song has blossomed in the past 72 hours or so, which has really thrown me. A similar thing has happened with Destiny too (though Destiny I felt had a little more redemption going for it than I thought No Cure had). 
There’s still one song left on Life In A Day that I…dislike (I’ll leave it to you guys to try and guess which one)…wonder if it’ll happen to it too???
Some songs on Life In A Day just take TIME to love. Lol

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