Jim Kerr Interview at Mandela Day Concert 1988

He is obviously very, very nervous in this interview. Even in the earliest of interviews, I’ve never seen him stammer or tick SO much. Obvisously the enormity of the event got to him a little…and being interviewed by the revered music journalist, Paul Gambaccini.

I feel like a voyeur for wanting to watch these clips – but it’s these kinds of interviews, that show the contrast between the man on the stage compared to the man here, that makes these interviews compelling for me.

This man is about to go on stage in front of 70,000 people – to look at him during the interview you think,  “no chance!”,  and then at the end of the clip he’s done just that.

I know he’d had 10 years of performing live under his belt by that time, but it is still an amazing contrast that I find continually fascinating.

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