I Am Kerr-sed

“The Kerr-sed”?

Yes. That’s kinda how I feel. But I love it! I love him.

If you’d said to me that wanting to explore Simple Minds’ music would result in me having such a HUGE obsession and crush…on Jim Kerr, I’d have thought you’d need psychiatric help! Lol

Well, that’s going a bit far…but I wouldn’t have seen it happening. He was never really my cup of tea…esp. when I was younger. I mean, the Minds were always there in the background, in my “also ran” of fandom. In the minor leagues. At the top was Bowie, U2, Iggy Pop, Bjork, Grace Jones, The Police and Sting, INXS, Spy vs Spy…

They’d come back to the fore for me every so often in a kind of, “Oh, yeah! Simple Minds are good. Haven’t listened to any of their stuff in AGES.” And would then borrow the “best of” Glittering Prize album from the local library.

And then when I fully stepped in last year, I fell so in love with the music, and the lyrics that it seemed to naturally follow on that I would fall for Jim.

I still think he’s lovely now. I wouldn’t say no! – put it that way! But I probably actually would cos I’d be scared to all hell! As much as I may fantasise about it 😮

But it really is young Jim. The man who wrote all the songs that I love. He still writes songs I love. Spirited Away is beautiful (as an example)…but there is something about that young man I find endlessly fascinating and riveting.

The way he performs…

The lyrics he wrote then…

The sound of his voice…both singing and talking voice. How soft spoken he was then, but how deep his singing voice was compared to now. His voice should be deeper now?!!! Lol.

The stammer and the slight ticks!!! OMFG – I find them ssooo RIDICULOUSLY endearing!

The Jim from 1979 until 1983….sometimes 1984…is just glorious….1981/1982 being the high point for me.

And it really isn’t just looks. Like I say, it’s his performance…I find him utterly mesmerising. All the different mannerisms. The way he moves. The lyrics he writes. He’s bookish and arty and smart. He likes to be enigmatic and withdrawn but he obviously likes being around people, even though intimate settings with strangers make him feel off guard. I just absolutely love him to bits through this period.

From the nervous interviews in the USA (and Hurrah’s Club performance) in 1979 and 1980….to Mr Super Sexy Cool man-bag and shades on Countdown and leather-clad snake-hipped sex god performing Celebrate on French TV in 1981…to New Wave prince in the PYAM and Glittering Prize videos, the Cologne Rockpalast gig, Newcastle City Hall gig and appearance on The Tube in 1982…and all the interviews in between… to Werchter Festival in 1983 to Dortmund in 1984…and all what is in between there as well, he’s stunning. Every aspect of him. Every facet.

These feelings I have about him during that period adds gravitas to the songs, for me.

And still, today, I can hanker for him. I love reading his posts. Seeing what’s on his mind or what has caught his interest that day. I feel compelled to reply, most of the time, if I have something to say. And not in a “contest” kind of way…but so he knows I’m reading…I’m interested. I care. And, yes…as crazy as it is, when he replies to one of my comments, or replies to a post, I’m on a cloud for the rest of the day. He acknowledged me, and then dare to think he likes what I said…he likes ME – in my wildest imaginings.

So, yes, we can safely say I’m pretty Kerr-sed…and getting more and more afflicted, it seems.

But goddam! Kerr-se me! I don’t care. He’s bloody gorgeous…and I’m thoroughly hooked…line AND sinker :-))

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