All That Glitters…

“There was a sense of hope and I think that’s what was important.

Someone said to me, ‘How can you have gold and glitter and brilliant days and sort of things?’. I’m not … When I write, I don’t have the arrogance to think I’m some spokesman, or have answers to anyone’s problems. A lot of times I’m writing for me. Last year^, for various reasons, I wakened [sic] up and felt, as a character, five times stronger than I’d ever been and it *was* brilliant. It was a brilliant period for me and, so, naturally I should write about it.”


Jim, explaining the song writing on New Gold Dream.

I love him in this interview. And I just had to make a gif of him puffing his chest out like that. It’s right at the point where he said he felt “five times stronger” than he’d ever been. God, love him.

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