This morning I went to breakfast with my mom and bro before they left town. So I’m spacing out and the table across from us, this guy is telling his friends (incorrect) trivia about The Breakfast Club. At one point he says, “so that song at the end of the movie with the football player and the fist bump? Ok so originally it was written for Bruce Springsteen but he passed on it and the other guy sang it.”

Then he proceeded to sing Don’t You Forget About Me to his friends who really just wanted to eat their waffles. 

I wanted to crash into his table and yell “WELL ACTUALLY, IT WAS BILLY IDOL WHO PASSED ON IT AND THEN IT WENT TO SIMPLE MINDS” But I just sat there, seething over how wrong this dude was.

I take pop culture seriously. 

Billy Idol didn’t pass on it either! So, blind leading the blind here.

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