The Full Sounds Article (Nov, 8th, 1980)

High praise for Empires And Dance – as there bloody SHOULD be! And of I Travel too! “Go to a pub, club or disco and try standing still to their ‘I Travel’ single. You can’t. It’s enough to shame Donna Summer into retirement.” WOW! What about THAT, Sir Kerr?! Love the words about Veldt too…from Jim and Charlie. And all the reason why I love it 🙂 It makes no sense. It’s undefinable, but SO awesome for it! “I don’t get it”, most Minds fans will say. THAT’S THE POINT! YOU’RE NOT *MEANT* TO! And it’s glorious because of it! 

UPDATE: July 16th – fully scanned to 30odpi now. And as much of the cover as I could cleanly scan – because I love the dotting “Lichtenstein” effect.

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