Art For Art’s Sake?

Have been contemplating monetising my blog…just to help offset the things I do. I mean, the memorabilia I buy is not just solely for me. I buy them to scan and share (when it’s magazines, clippings and photos). Perhaps I should rethink the Etsy shop? Take away all the lyric content from the art that I do? And then I’m just left with 100 different “arty” pictures of Jim/SM … with no other real meaning or emphasis behind them :-((

I DON’T WANT TO MAKE TONS. I don’t want to ride on any coat tails…I’d just love to be able to do what I do and get a bit of mulla to survive while doing it.

So…do I do prints with no lyric content? I tried it before…but the heart ain’t in it the same.
I wish I could get someone at BMG to get back to me. But…I am just…small fry. And that’s the irony…I need permission but no one can be bothered to talk to one individual SMALL FRY THAT MAKES NADA out of it. I mean…it’s just…stupid. And frustrating. And…brings me down.

And so…I’m trying to keep going. Stay positive. Stay persistent. But…what’s the point?
I don’t want to monetise the blog!!! It would be awful. I’d feel vile for doing so.

I dunno. I just…don’t know any more.

I know I say I do it for the love of it. And I do. It gives me immense pleasure…but love doesn’t make you less skint 🙁

Oh, it just makes it sound like I want to do it to make money from it. I bloody don’t! It never started out that way, and I don’t want to do it just for money. I really do NOT do it to think I’ll make a buck. It would…just be nice to…make it a living, albeit on a very smalltime scale. I’m just…expressing a little “wishful thinking” here.

Yeah, I know! “Quit dreaming / this is real life, baby”. I wonder why that is why I’ve not done a print for the song, yet? :-/

Sense Of Doubt

Pondering the whole “art” thing today. And still pondering on this! There are elements of it I really like. It’s not “photographic likeness” portraiture – I seriously doubt I will EVER get there, but that’s ok.

I’m at the point where I almost want to show him…but…I know I’m not thick skinned enough. If I got ANY sense it was not liked or he was insulted by it. Well. I mean, it’s not about “oh, you don’t like it”. It would be more about a confirmation of my doubts about it. Like “Oh, see! I knew it was shit. What was I *thinking* even showing him?” But if I had a positive feel and comment? I’d be dismissive. “He’s just being kind.” Maybe that is what it has always only ever been?

Why can I not be like other people? Full of self-belief, positivity, drive? Deluded?! Lol. Because, let’s face it, some are. But they just get on. That drive, ambition, self-belief….delusion (in some cases) somehow makes it work.

Oh, I’m rambling. I’m always rambling.
I’m not looking for reassurance from anyone, really, but myself.

More on GenEric V.2

In stages…

In the end he became a poster boy for a fictional Manicure/Pedicure place. I WAS going to actually WRITE on the pad, on the work directly…but anyone who knows me well enough, probably knows I suck even HARDER at actually writing a sentence without a spelling mistake or dislexic like brain fuck up than I do at this “art” lark…so I imputed the text digitally. And…it went a bit silly in the end. Lol. But hey! It’s been a fun afternoon/evening. Lol

In the end, I couldn’t even do doll hands! Lol. What I had in my head for the hand & subsuquent foot was VERY different. Happy accidents! That’s how I’ll defend it.