Minds Music Monday – Let There Be Love – Extended Version

I had that final instrumental bit stuck in my head as an earworm for days last week…funking hell! Lol

I’ve always had a little soft spot for Let There Be Love…it was the last thing of theirs I knew of before 2014’s mega fandom took hold. That’s how ignorant I was! The last thing I knew them for went back to 1991!

And similar to last week’s write up about Saturday Girl…(with the exception of liking LTBL in the first instance), the more I hear this version, the more it grows on me.

Colchester Videos

Hunter And The Hunted and The American have been posted on the main review thread. Following is Promised You A Miracle and a Alive And Kicking/Sanctify Yourself/End of gig “Dad Dance” mega clip.

There’ll be snippets of Let There Be Love and All The Things She Said added shortly…


Let There Be Love – Video Stills

Working on part two of the video stills montage – in readiness for Kerrsed Thursday (my attempt to have less Jim Kerr and more actual Simple Minds content on this blog – will explain more this coming Thursday).

Anyway….here are some rejected stills that didn’t make the cut. I call this one the “F***! I stubbed my toe!”

This one’s called the “Karate Chop”

“Walk Like An Egyptian”

“Are you SURE this is all down to the fog machine, Jim?”

“Give yourself a good pat on the shoulder, boy.”


And finally, the “Argh! Mae heed!”

One of the more odd appearances of the Minds on TV. Jim’s in a real 80s fashion hybrid here. Still wearing his mid 80s tights…but matched with the jacket of his “Smash Hits cover/Waterfront video” blue suit (from 1984). Had he run out of clothes at this point?! 

And to think this man is being asked his fashion secrets these days 😉