He’s The Best, Paul!

This would have been the exact same thing I would have done, until recently…lol (making the faux pas of not knowing WTF Paul Thompson was. The only drummer named Paul Thompson I knew of is in Franz Ferdinand. Lol)

Harley Davidson Euro Fest Advert – And Roxy Music New Fan Letter Of Thanks – R&F Magazine – Mai 2018

More of my Belgian clippings shared. An advert for tomorrow’s Minds gig as well as a letter from a reader on their discovery of Roxy Music…running strange parallels with my own recent Roxy epiphany. I do love the cartoon type artwork of the early Roxy band dynamic. Google Translate didn’t do the best work translating the French, but we get the gist of the letter (see translation below).

Anyway…there will be more things on the way. I love sharing these clippings. All part of the service here at Prip’s blog 🙂

In the simple past – Having already heard of the band Roxy Music without listening, I hastened to read the article on the latter. [I assume that means the previous edition of the magazine] In devouring the text I was attracted by the phrase “The most important band of England after the Beatles.” Could it be that I missed such a phenomenon I immediately began to listen to the band’s first album and from the first notes I was dazzled, no doubt this album was one of the most important that rock has known, so I want to thank you for making me discover such a group.

Sounds like me with Ms Deboick (and to some extent, compounded by Sir Kerr, aka The Boy).

But Is It Any Good?

I am loving this song SSSOOOO much right now, I felt compelled to try something out for it. I kind of got what I had in my mind visually to work…sorta…I dunno. Can’t tell. Everything looks so amazing fully formed in my head, and then I try to replicate what’s there and it rarely matches what I have.
If I could be the visual artist I am in my mind’s eye, I’d be FUCKING AMAZING! Lol


It Just Goes On…

Watching live clips on YouTube. I think early Roxy really is going to be the love. I saw this clip in amongst them and I thought…”Well, I do love this track on the album…let’s see how an older Bryan deals with it.” Surprised in the first place to even see him do such early stuff so late on. I just assumed he’d leave the very early Roxy stuff behind.

WOW! It blew my fucking socks off! 2011 and just…it’s perfection!

Jim, I get it. I really, really get it now. I keep saying it…but I do.

I HAVE MISSED SSOOO MUCH! Geez…it feels like the story of my life.

Regrets? Well, I thought I only had a few…but they seem to be growing exponentially now…

What If I fall?

…In love with Roxy Music? I really think it is happening in the biggest way. And there are quite a few tracks from the first two albums that I have fallen for.

Tonight I was studying lyrics. I like words. Words are my thing. Tunes…rhythms, melodies…they may initially pique the interest, catch my ear…but it is always the lyrics that deliver the final stranglehold. The grip. The pull. Vicelike.

Ferry is, I have learned tonight, absolutely fucking MASTERFUL at wordplay. Geez, I thought David (Bowie) was good! Hell, I can really see now tonight why Jim loves him (Ferry).

I have been playing the first two albums pretty much non stop for the past couple of weeks, but because I tend to put Spotify on as I am settling down for the night, I’m usually asleep by the third song. I’ve heard the eponymous album and For Your Pleasure enough now to know them very well…but as I move on chronologically (and as the Spotify playlist I created of all the Roxy/Ferry stuff I want to sink my teeth into continues to play through my slumber), it means I am so far less familiar with Stranded and Country Life (let alone what lies beyond).

Tonight, after listening to the first two, I moved onto Stranded, giving it full attention. And, for me, Ferry’s wordplay reached new heights with this (the clip below). I just absolutely fell red hot in love with it. Just wow!

It also led me to do something I hadn’t really done so far, and that was to seek out a live performance of a track. Again…fucking wow!

I feel I am SO, SO late to the party. But without reading magazines that I have access to on a Spotify style subscription basis via an app/site called Readly, read The New European, and Sophia Deboick’s article on Roxy (and subsequently had my short discussion with Jim on the subject) … then I may not have ever arrived to the party at all.

Too easily dismissive in the past. “Oh, Roxy Music. EVERYONE loves them. *yawn* Are they even all that?” Yes, they fucking are! They are.

I’ll leave this to ring in your ears as it is currently ringing in mine. “Oh, mother of pearl / I wouldn’t trade you / for another girl”.