Jim Kerr Likes It (But Not Any More…)

He posted today. And comments being liked on this post are being liked by “Jim Kerr”. And no, not the namesake fan but the “official” FB page of Jim himself. I have seen this happen just one other time recently.


Well, I would hunt a “Jim Kerr” like… but I’ll live if I don’t get it.

He knows how much I crave affirmation as is.

Time to apply even more “self-love” than normal! Lol

Speaking of which (in a very round about way) – my friend Stephen left this comment on said post…

I know you mean well, Stephen. It is funny…but hugely embarrassing also. And it just makes me think that Jim couldn’t be more repelled…honestly.

I used to kid myself that maybe he thought I was silly and quirky and that was “my thing”? That was the thing he liked, or got him to engage. I dunno. I never understood it. I could never work out why. But I bloody loved it all the same. How could I not?! It turns a girl’s head. And…I hadn’t had my head turned in a very long time.

Anyway…I’ll just end up like I was yesterday morning if I dwell on it. And I am airing this stuff in public…and despite how it might look, I really am uncomfortable about that.

And I had left such a short succinct comment about CaVa Studios today, hoping against hope that maybe he’d even reply saying “yes, that’s the place. Nice powers of deduction!” or some such.

Dreaming of the affirmation.


What did I do? Tell me what I’ve done? Am I just too much “me” now?

I wish it didn’t matter.

Things I Still Miss

All the time. Being able to ask Jim a random question. It might not always have been answered, but sometimes it would be.

Now I don’t feel as though I can ask…or it would be a waste of energy even asking as he’d either not see it or really wouldn’t be bothered to reply.

Over the past week or so I have been wondering if he was a fan of Slade. I don’t know why I am particularly curious. I suppose because they just seemed so “mega” for a time in the early 70s – and they had the glam thing too – but kind of heavier sound, much more rock based and Noddy’s voice is so distinctive. And their look and how they slightly altered from a real skinhead kind of vibe to uber glam – but still rock. And…Dave Hill – enough said. Lol

They are a band I feel I should give more time to. When I think about the musical output I’ve heard from them, I think it’s definitely a precursor to punk. Aspects of their sound and look had a punk ethos before “punk” was really a thing. Then I suppose other bands like Iggy and the Stooges and the New York Dolls had that too. Especially in the case of New York Dolls, like Slade – almost that crossover point of straddling both aspects of glam and punk.

I can’t recall Jim ever mentioning Slade or talking about them. I guess he never has because they just weren’t part of the Kerr taste? I dunno.

I wish I felt able to ask, but I don’t much see the point. I guess that answer lies in his lack of ever talking about them. Then again, no one was more surprised than me when he brought up the subject of Hawkwind the other week. Though he obviously put in the “conditional clause” of the liking of seeing them live was more the female flesh on display as much as (or if not actually MORE than) the music itself.

Rampant hormonal teenage boy! Well I guess he knew what to do with those “hard ons” after a few Hawkwind gigs. Lol

Appeasing Likes?!

Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the notification just after midday today, that this ACTUALLY got liked!

Which is now causing me to wonder whether my theory for a few weeks has been right? That ‘likes’ are happening for ‘appeasement’ sake?

Oh, I don’t want to sound ungrateful! And I am genuinely happy for the like. I just….miss him! I miss…more of the interactions and the “rapport”.


And then tonight he talks of Chrissie, and that green-eyed monster rears its ugly head. I really DON’T have this feeling with Patsy. I think Patsy and I would be great mates…and we would have a lot of fun taking the piss out of Jim. Lol.

But…I still feel the love Jim has for Chrissie…and…she is just…untouchably cool. She has more cool in her fucking pinkie fingernail than I have in my whole entire body. And…she absolutely does not give a flying fuck whether Jim likes her or not…but it’s obvious to all he still loves her. Obviously not IN love with her…but the stuff he mentioned tonight…the daughter they share…the grandchildren…a bond never to be broken.

And how very lucky she is. But, well…that’s what makes me most envious of Chrissie…the fact it is all past for her and life has just…moved on. Just a SPRINKLE of that self-belief, please?!

I dunno. Perhaps if I *was* actually GOOD at something, I WOULD have the self-belief?

Maybe these people just TRICK themselves into it? Maybe I just need to con myself? Except…they all have ACTUAL TALENT.

Ah…for a while, I was feeling good today…until I was reminded how…inept and inadequate as a human being I am…as someone who deludes themselves (to not much of a successful degree) into thinking they can be creative.

Revoke My Like…

A strange thing happened last night. As soon as I was done with my latest piece…I shared it on the visitor wall…around 8pm. A few likes came in. A couple of lovely comments…but I’m always striving to please “The Mister”. 

At about 10.30pm, I got a Facebook notification to say that my visitor post was liked by SMO, but when I looked again some 30 mins later (after another notification came in), I saw it was no longer “liked”. The like had been revoked :-((

What was that about? Was there a genuine change of heart? Or did he just click ‘like’ went “Bugger! Didn’t mean to do that!” and revoked it? A revoked like is worse than no like at all 🙁

Agree To Disagree In The World Of Variety

A fan on one of the Simple Minds fan groups on Facebook decided to put their head above the parapet and share their opinion on the Street Fighting Years tour, due to many fans having fond memories of the Roundhay gig in 1989.

I was not one of those fans. As you may already know (if you are a fellow fan who knows me, or a regular visitor to the blog), Simple Minds were off my radar then. I mean, I was aware of Belfast Child, and liked it, but I wasn’t really seeking out their music then.

For many fans, Street Fighting Years and the Roundhay gig was their first exposure to Simple Minds, so it would be deemed a very special thing to them. But I could see that other fans’ point. But I also see that people have their own likes, values and special memories.

I know NO ONE will get what Wonderful In Young Life means to me. Not even Jim, I suspect. He’s no doubt as perplexed about it as most fans are. Few have such an obscure track as a favourite, but I appreciate those fans that do (have more obscure tracks as favourites), even if I don’t agree with their choices. Give me a fan of Saturday Girl ANY DAY over a fan of Don’t You! 

Some of my bias is going to come to the fore with this piece, and it’s usually something I don’t discuss. My taste is my taste. I don’t tell other people what they should like and would expect the same courtesy. But I *do* question what some people like sometimes! Lol. It’s only natural. The human condition. But I never think that they SHOULDN’T like it.

To elaborate on what I said about preferring a fan of Saturday Girl over a fan of Don’t You. It’s about dedication. Now, as songs, I prefer Don’t You over Saturday Girl…in a strict musical sense.  (I hate doing this, but here goes…) I find Saturday Girl schmaltzy, syrupy and I don’t like Jim’s vocal style on it (THERE! I’ve said it!). I don’t dislike it so much as to not be able to listen to it at all, but I don’t listen to it often, and I certainly don’t seek it out! On the flip side, I avoid Don’t You like the plague! It has been OVERPLAYED TO DEATH. I can tolerate it at gigs. It’s a bit of light entertainment with the sing-a-long and all. I honestly don’t know how Jim breathes that much enthusiasm into it still! I guess one thought of Villa Angela does the trick. 

But this is where the thing lies for me. This is why I’d prefer a Saturday Girl fan over a Don’t You fan. The SG fan is probably what I would deem a “truer” fan of the band than the DYFAM fan. A DYFAM fan is more often than not going to be a casual fan…to be kind to them. I would seriously have to question a fan’s dedication if their fave SM song was Don’t You (because, let’s be frank here – it isn’t even a Simple Minds song! They merely perform it).

Now, I’m sure I look like I HATE Don’t You. Lol. But I really don’t. The only real problem I have with it is that it has been overplayed. I’m tired of it, and I am also tired of Simple Minds only sticking in peoples’ memories because of it! A wonderful catalogue. Amazingly crafted songs, wonderful lyrics (you guys know how I feel about Jim Kerr as a lyricist) and yet they remain most well known for a song they didn’t write that while, yes, iconic and is good, quite good…is not as good as many of their OWN compositions (IMHO).

So, as much as I dislike Saturday Girl, a Saturday Girl fan is preferable to me because the song they love *is* a Minds composition, and the fan sought it out (the song being a B side to This Is Your Land).

And so, that brings me back to my point. Roundhay and the SFY tour. Now that I have gone and done the one thing I usually don’t do…I never see the point in negatives.

We all love and hate different things. Variety! It really is the spice of life. The things that I dislike (I can’t even bring myself to say the word “hate”, as it’s much too strong!) in the Minds catalogue perplex me (I’m not perplexed by my dislike OF them…but that they…exist)…but the things I love of SM would no doubt perplex those who like the things I loathe.

I really don’t see the point of “Ooh, I don’t like that!”, or “I wouldn’t have put that there”, etc, etc. Esp. once a record is made. What? The band are going to go back in the studio and change it for you? They’ll put a different version of the album out for you, with the song you don’t like not on there? Nope! And just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t mean others will/won’t…whatever. My point is…I don’t CARE what you don’t like! I care about what you LIKE! If you like EVERYTHING…I’d be concerned. If you liked NOTHING…why ARE you a fan, exactly? But what you like is important. What you like tells me more about you (to me) than what you don’t like. And if you like things that I don’t like…fine 🙂 It’s fine. We like different things. I’m sure there’d be some common ground somewhere…we *are* Simple Minds fans after all :-))

And now…as an excersice in catharsis – I am actually going to say what I don’t like in the SM catalogue (here goes, Jim – CLOSE YOUR EYES!).

Least favourite album – Live In The City Of Light. I got it as part of job lot of SM collectables on eBay last year. I didn’t want to keep it. Before I had the copy, I listened to LITCOL on Spotify. It was a BIG NO for me. Before I decided to give my vinyl copy away, I thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt and another listen. I no longer have my vinyl copy! The album is overproduced…arrangements of the songs are awful and over pompous. In no way the live experience they give you now when you get live recordings. Nor anything like the FANTASTIC bootlegs that kick about from the early gigs. True *live* experiences, full of atmosphere and boys on their apex. But this is just my opinion.

Least favourite studio album – Street Fighting Years/Real Life/Cry/Neon Lights. These four get the least play from me. All of them have exceptions. With SFY it’s Soul Crying Out, Wall Of Love and Kick It In. With Real Life it’s Woman, Stand By Love and Let The Children Speak. Cry it is OBVIOUSLY Spaceface, but also Disconnected, Sleeping Girl and The Floating World and with Neon Lights it’s The Man Who Sold The World (mostly for Charlie’s AMAZING Ronno impression on guitar – Jim’s vocal is good too minus the stuff up on the lyrics! Cannot forgive!) and Dancing Barefoot. Other songs I have to avoid (more on that in a moment). As for the reasons? SFY/Real Life – overblown, pompous. Cry – a bit too…”trendy” but I really have not played it that much to be honest. I might be being harsh. It’s not on Spotify, so I just don’t seek it out. I *do* own a copy…just…I never play it much. But I will play it a few times in the next week and see if this changes my opinion. Neon Lights – it’s covers, innit? And rarely covers are bettered by the original. Well, that’s probably not true. There’s probably LOADS of covers I’m not even AWARE are covers and so I’d lose my argument. But in this case…little is gained from the boys doing these. They are…adequate. Some are good (TMWSTW for example). But on the whole, it offers little.

Least favourite songs – PYAM – but the awful, awful LITCOL version (I love the original studio version and mixes). I want it BURNED! I abhor it with a passion I rarely have on the dislike scale! The arragement. The production. Just, no. No, no, no!!! As soon as I hear that “OOH OOH, there’s only one love!” Just…OFF!!! Real Life…opening chords…as soon as I hear them, off!!! Street Fighting Years…opening chords sound like Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay…nope! Just…too…earnest. I know about the subject matter, and I feel AWFUL for saying this…but I just…sorry. Lazy Lately…just…it grates. I dunno why.

So there you have it. I was hoping that doing this would somehow feel cleansing…like…”ah, no more pretending, it’s out there”. But I feel fucking awful! That was horrible! It’s all just my personal opinion and feeling with these songs and albums. It doesn’t mean I’m right or whatever. And I know for a LOT of people, the albums I dislike are their faves. And, good for them! They get much more out of them than I do. And their least favourite album is probably Empires And Dance, and their least favourite song is probably Wonderful In Young Life and that is all good. 

Our individual tastes are what make us unique and who we are 🙂