Flirty, Flirty Boy! 

He was having a “pity party” about “no one” but him and Charlie liking Neapolis. Lol. Bunkum! 

Anyway…I no longer need to dream about him threatening to whip me – he’s only bloody gone and done it!!! Lol (THREATENED to whip me, that is. Well, he didn’t actually SAY he’d WHIP me…just his “revenge” would be swift and merciless! – and will hopefully involve a mic cord)

Cor, blimey, Gov! I need a lie down! I’ve come over all unnecessary…

*towels self*


Lyric Of The Day – Hello

Lyric of the day

Song: Hello

Album: Our Secrets Are The Same

Year of release: (unofficial) 2000, (official) 2004

Written by: J. Kerr/C. Burchill/K. Hunter

(Erm…Jim, I’m pretty sure our fantasies AREN’T the same! Unless you fantasise about shagging yourself! Lol 😱 😇)

OK, it’s Friday night – we need something sexy and weirdly suggestive. How about Jim putting his mic through a tambourine (in quite possibly the sexiest SM clip EVER to exist)? Yep…I thought so. 

You’re welcome 😉 





“Slipping back on golden times / breathing with sweet memories” – Promised You A Miracle


I honestly love this a tad bit too much

I was 12 when this video came out and I used to think “who is this thin, pasty man and why does he have no top on?”. And now…I’m like “hnng!”
I’d seriously lick his nipples. Lol

Reblogging for the nipple action! Yes…I have a thing for his nipples at the moment. I’m sssooo bad. Lol

Four for the price of one! (Shirtless bhoys)
Eight for the price of two! (Nipples)
Though…we can only really see one of Derek’s and Mick’s. Lol