Celebrate – Werchter, 2012

I’d already be losing my shit, being in raptures being at a 5×5 gig – but at the 3 minute 30 second mark…if he was that close to me, his sweat falling on me…I swear I’d orgasm! He is just pure sex! God, I adore you, Jim Kerr! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I will never stop dreaming of being your rag doll, you Adonis! ❤️❤️

Minds Music Monday – The Ones I Miss

I use Spotify for the majority of my music listening. I still order and buy hard copy formats of artists! I buy vinyl, CDs, digital downloads too. I also buy merch and go to gigs. I support the artists I love!

But yes, because I listen to music mostly through the night and I can’t be arsed to deal with the torture that is iTunes to rip and store copies of my music catalogue on my devices, I use Spotify.

And it’s a bane, because things come and go. And when they disappear, I miss them because they end up not being heard by me.

High on the  list of things I am missing from Spotify at the moment are these. They are all on the 5×5 box set which was taken off Spotify some time back. I miss hearing them! I really miss hearing them.

To be honest – even on YouTube, Garden Of Hate is not available as a good sounding track. The best is this, a live radio session version, which is damn good too.


Special View I find really sensual. Don’t know why. Just always have.


This is just synthpop perfection for me. Mick doesn’t get enough kudos for this song, and not many Simple Minds fans even talk about it or reference it but I love it! I had a bit of a smug moment one time when Jim was talking about Lostboy! and talked about Nail Thru My Heart and how it referenced an old SM track and like a shot I was like “YES! New Warm Skin!” and was commended for my knowledge from his Sirness of Kerrness. Teacher’s pet that I am. Lol


I miss these three tracks on Spotify. I wish that 5×5 was still on there. Never mind.

Kerrsday Thursday – 5×5 Werchter Video

Because…he is just sssoooo damn sexy! I know I shared this not long ago…but honestly, it can’t be shared enough. Celebrate is just the sexiest damn song! The way he sings it here is just…OMG! It’s one of these videos in which I talk as I’m watching, saying stuff like “OMG! Can you just STOP being so sexy now?” Lol. I know…I have it sssooo bad.

If I ever DID meet him, I would want the ground to swallow me up. I wouldn’t even be able to look at him.

Kerrsday Thursday – 5×5 Jim

Bit late with the old Kerrsday Thursday this week…esp. as I sorted the theme for this week about 5am this morning. Anyways, here we go! I think he was looking pretty alright during the 5×5 tour of 2012. I wouldn’t have said no, put it that way! (Still wouldn’t say “no” now, If I’m honest – keep on dreaming on, girl!) So let’s enjoy some 2012 swag 😉