Colour-In His Eyes

My first attempt to colourise his makeup on the black and white image I have, by blending it with the poorer quality (and also partially obscuring his right jaw with a SM logo going across it) colour one I have. Lots of retouching work! I think if I had HOURS AND HOURS, I could do a better job…but as quick touch ups go, I think I did pretty well!

It has made his eyes very dark though. His pupils are ssooo dilated in this photo, it’s hard not to make his eyes go dark.

Maybe one day I’ll get my hands on a high quality colour version :-))

Sweet Dreams!

Oh, he is just ASKING for it – and imma gonna give it to him! (I wish!)

I had a lovely dream about him this morning and he was not in a dissimilar position as he is here 😉 He had two of us ladies to deal with…and he was loving it (as were we!). Nothing too “sordid”…it was all very flirty and fun :-)))


There is a copy of this magazine for sale on eBay – from the U.S. (I mean the copy is in the U.S. – it’s a UK magazine) I shared the magazine cover yesterday – but this advert is lovely too. I do love Jim ssooo much during this period. He is ssooo gorgeous and looks AMAZING in that white suit.
Beautiful man :-))