Badges! I Has A Lot Of Them…

Several weeks back, a wonderful lady in Canada sent me some badges that were designs featured on the 40 Years heart badge.

Today I received another package of badges from her, this time with images of my art on the badges. I am ssooo happy and thankful! I have never seen any of my art printed on badges and they look AMAZING…even if I do say so myself!

Very happy Prip today. 😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you, SP from Prip. ❤️

The Power Of Music

I really hope I can get this to work, because it is one of the most wonderful things you will ever see. The newspapers…the local Dundee ones…there is a young man pictured in the Evening Telegraph, dancing. His name is Paul and he was dancing his heart out at the gig last night. His mum Celia posted to SMO FB about what an amazing night Paul had and how Jim was his dance hero.

A video accompanied Celia’s comment, showing Paul dancing away, and it’s wonderful! I’m going to try to embed it here…but it may not work. Let’s try…

It’ll be optimised for viewing on mobile devices, rather than on desktop, but I hope it works. It seems to be appearing. Hopefully if you click on the details on the comment, you’ll be able to view the video.

An inspiration!


I can’t embed the comment directly, sadly…but just look for the comment from Ceila Sweeney in the comments on this post and you’ll see the video and a proud mum’s wonderful words.


Will have lots of photos and some vid footage to share later.
Simple Minds were SSSOOO amazing! Never wanted the night to end! And if it were even POSSIBLE for me to love Jim Kerr any more than I do, well…
He is beyond lovely!!

The version of Don’t You seemed to go on FOREVER…by the crowd! They (we) sung the “la la las” for AGES! At one point Jim said “Fuck sake! We should pay YOU!” Lol. Followed by “That ain’t ever gonna happen”. Lol. God love him!