Weekend WhirliGIG – BBC Radio 1 – 1979

The return of the weekend whirligig sees us revisiting SM performing a set for BBC Radio One “in concert”.

Contains cracking versions of White Light/White Heat, original Kerr lyrics to Scar and a great Pleasantly Disturbed, marred only by having lines of my least favourite David Bowie song – the truly turgid Memory Of  A Free Festival – within it.


Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – BBC Radio Sessions, 1982

Something different for this week. Radio sessions in 1982. The first two songs…Promised You A Miracle and In Trance As Mission were recorded in February and during the week, but the latter three songs: Someone Somewhere In Summertime, Glittering Prize and Hunter And The Hunted – were recorded on August 13th…a Friday. Any gig or live performance on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or Bank Holiday Monday) qualifies for a “weekend whirligig”.

This version of Hunter And The Hunted has been a long favourite. Enjoy this week’s slightly different WWW. Click on the image below to be taken to a web site in which you can hear the tracks.

Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – Werchter, June 30th, 2012


A Saturday outdoor festival gig. Werchter was one of the first festivals SM played, back in the day, and the band and crowd took eachother to their hearts.

What follows is a playlist of video clips created by the SM Official YouTube account showcasing the performance in 2012 – the festival’s “5×5 plus” setlist.

I love this footage. And I will forever say it…not getting into them just a LITTLE BIT earlier to experience these 2012 gigs will be my ETERNAL regret.

I can’t regret not seeing them in 1981 or ‘82 … I was too young, etc, etc. But for 2012 I can always regret simply because I had tried to “get into them” in 2006 and…it just didn’t gel…for some reason.

But hey, thank fuck I tried again in 2014 and it did!

Enjoy the visual set!

Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – Lyceum, London – 18/12/1983

A Sunday, pre-Christmas gig – PAKCED with songs from the yet-to-be-released Sparkle In The Rain. Imagine them doing that now? Us getting gigs with half of Walk Between Worlds airing BEFORE release date? Okay…it could be argued they did that slightly with Acoustic…but nothing on the album was new material, so it doesn’t count.

A genuine bootleg recording…recorded from the crowd…which are a bit of a distraction sometimes, I’m sure…but otherwise sound quality is decent. I’ve only heard bits and pieces myself checking for sound quality. It’ll be what I listen to to get me to sleep tonight. Enjoy! (As – I hope – will I)

Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – Newcastle City Hall, 20th Nov. 1982

Of course, we have had the visuals for this gig, in a truncated 35 minute set that Virgin Records recorded…but this is the full gig from the night. It would be wonderful if Virgin would release the full visual experience…or even a higher quality audio experience of the full gig than this already quite passible version. If it were going to happen, you’d have thought it would have been part of the New Gold Dream box set, but alas, we were just given that 35 minute edit (if memory serves).

For your delectation, rather sassy versions of Sweat In Bullet, King Is White, I Travel and Celebrate. Sit back, enjoy, and pretend you are there (much like I do just about every day).

The beautiful Ally Scott was there…and I really try not to do the whole “envy” thing…but, oh, to be in Ally’s place that night! Damn, girl!! (Love you, Ally! You know I do 😘)

Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – Danube Island Festival, Vienna, 2012

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012…not quite a 5×5 tour set, but near enough minus them performing Moscow Underground, Waterfront, See The Lights and Don’t You. This festival is a FREE ADMISSION festival! OMG…I’d have DIED to see them for nowt!

At the 18 minute 55 second mark, there is a rather sexy AF version of Celebrate to be had. Please, please, PLEASE reinstate the third verse, PLEASE SIR!? Love you forever 🙂

Enjoy the full audio/visual experience (and Sir’s inky shirt). Happy weekend!

Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – Arnhem, Netherlands – Feb 26th, 1982

Weekend whirligig is back after a couple of weeks off. The weekend before last was the pent up crazy excitement of all the SM news dropping, and then last weekend I was away.

And so tonight (late Thursday night) I went to YouTube to start my search for an appropriately dated gig…and there it was in the recommendations…checked the date…a Friday night gig, PERFECT!

Not a full gig, obviously…but superb sound quality. Have only just sampled the first minute of Factory…so we are both in for a treat…and…Celebrate is on the list. I may find a new version to swoon incessantly over. Enjoy!

Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – The Lyceum, London, Oct 26th, 1980


Could have better sound quality…a better quality recording exists, by all accounts. This version is obviously a tape of a tape of a tape and running a little fast…Jim’s voice is almost chipmunk-esque at times, though he usually has a naturally higher register when performing live…it’s not usually THAT high! Lol

Thanks to Dave Kelly on Facebook for sharing it and giving me this week’s gig without the need to search 🙂