When The Other Side Of Midnight Calls, Remind Me It’s … Minds Music Monday

And seeing as it IS now long after the “other side of midnight” and there isn’t much need to remind me “I’m glad to be here” or that it’s Minds Music Monday then…

Let us hark back to BEFORE midnight, when it was still Valentine’s Day. Jim mentioned in his post yesterday a few Simple Minds tracks that could be chosen for Valentine’s Day – 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall being one of them.

Firstly, I have ALWAYS loved that title. It’s so long winded. But what the hell does it even mean, or allude to? Secondly, who doesn’t love a guitar riff with an effect on it that makes it sound like a mooing coo*? (*cow) Last but not least, it contains – already quite overtly alluded to already! – one of my most favourite lines Jim has ever written – “when the other side of midnight calls, remind me I’m glad to be here”.

I have always been wonderfully puzzled by the song. It’s glorious in its rather enigmatic nature. And it makes it wonderful. I have loved hearing it being performed live in the recent bootlegs shared. Performed TWICE in one night in Tiffany’s in the summer of 1982! Geez.

But this version below is more refined than in the summer and Jim just sounds superb on this. And, it may be a day late and I *MAY* sound like a fool but, fuck I love you, Kerr! ❤️

Happy MMM, and belated Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr Beautiful 😊❤️

Mr Flirty 

Listen to him! Damn flirt! Lol. “Of course, it’s Valentine’s. And you know what that means?” 

I replied out loud saying “No?” Lol. And then my mind wanders to many and varying things it shouldn’t. Goddammn, boy! I’ll be playing that bit of the clip over and over in my head now…dreaming of being remotely confident enough to EVER flirt back with him, to his face…if I ever met him…if I ever allow myself to get anywhere near him. If I could trust myself not to be a complete gibbering idiot and nervous wreck. If I could borrow just a smattering of Ms Hynde’s “ice cool” nonchalance and add a dash of “sass”. 

But I’m me. Catherine’s two occasions of meeting me will bear testament to how I am. Nervous wreck. Socially inept. And that is with someone I admire but not place on a towering pedestal, worship like a god and wants to keel over and die at the mere notion of him making eye contact with me. Lol

It isn’t fame. It isn’t. I was SSOO like this with my first boyfriend…I say “boyfriend” – more boy “friend with benefit” – much more his “benefit” than mine. He was my neighbours brother. I asked her for his number. I would try and call him. I’d go to dial about 10 times…thinking my heart was going to give out. And when I’d finally have the courage to let the phone ring, and ask for him…I wouldn’t know what to say! I’d ask him over to mine…cos that’s what I thought I should do. He’d say no. Say he was busy or whatever. He was ssssooo not interested!

Two years! Two years it took. (This two years being – not us going on a date. That was never going to happen.)  How it finally happened…I don’t know. He obviously couldn’t get any anywhere else. Lol. He’d been at his brother’s wedding that day. What? There were no takers there? Poor little old me. Offered it up to him on a plate. I worshipped him. And blinded by that, I overlooked what I knew in reality it was. And it still hurts some (almost) 30 years later. It hurts…but I don’t blame him. Of course he was going to take it.

Oh, but I digress wildly and share too much (again). 

Just…I hope by May…if I actually do want to have the remotest chance of meeting this man, I grow some balls. Lol. METAPHORIC balls. Not ACTUAL ones! Lol

I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. Lol. Enjoy the clip…

Thank You!

I never expected this to ever happen again. I don’t do it to get a nod, in all honesty, I don’t. I do them just because I love making them. It is the prime motivation for them. Just the joy of being creative and making something visually stunning (and HOW the subject matter helps!).

A nod is always just the icing on the cake…and the cherry on top! A confirmation that, yes! Maybe I am just ever so slightly good at something.

If the man (and his words) that is at the focal point of these things likes them…it is all I ever need. No money in the world can buy that. 

It makes me feel richer than I ever could be trying to make money from my art. 

Thank you so much most wonderful, kind Sir. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, you beautiful thing! ❤️

Valentine’s Day – Only One Song Right For It!

I don’t want to start my “Love Song is NOT A LOVE SONG” rant, but… LISTEN TO THE WORDS!! That is all I’m going to say on the matter.

Now… THIS on the other hand…is pure romance!

“Stay. I’m burning slow, with me in the rain. Walking in the soft rain. Calling out my name. See me burning slow.” – I mean, SERIOUSLY, people! THAT IS A LOVE SONG!

And look at the beautiful, beautiful man above what wrote it. Glorious!