The Doughnut Dinner 4 Four

I was listening in to Gary Crowley on BBC Radio London and he brought up the topic of musical dinner guests. You could invite four guests, dead or alive, to dine with. You could also share what you’d make or serve them to eat.

Gary’s own choice for guests were Nina Simone, John Lennon, Sly Stone and Siouxsie Sioux and he said he’d serve Italian and Japanese food.

He was asking listeners to submit their choices. I thought I’d fire off a quick email and send it in, never thinking he’d actually read it out!

Here he is reading out my choice of dinner guests and what I’d serve them. It is audio only, of course, hence the black screen but just click it to hear the audio.

Tantrum Doughnuts ALL THE WAY, BABY! Lol.


Tantrum’s Gone Apeshit!

Tantrum Doughnuts, you cruel, cruel bastards! FOR ONE WEEKEND?! WHEN I’M SKINT TO FUCK – AND CAN’T FLY UP TO GLASGOW JUST FOR A DOUGHNUT?!!!

Evil! EVIL!

Going Tandem For A Tantrum?

Dear Jim Kerr, esq.

Here is an open invitation to Tantrum Doughnuts at Yorkhill, at a date and time of your convenience. I would very much love to discuss something with you (well, several things, but one in particular…if I can actually conjure up the ability of speech in your presence!). And this place seems handy to you. And LOOK AT THOSE DOUGHNUTS! What do you say? Of course, I’ll buy (that goes without saying. Those moths need shelter from the daylight).

Elaine has my address (I hope) if you would like to reply. Or, just leave a comment here. I’m sure you’ll find a way to contact me with a response.

I look forward to (never) hearing from you,

Yours most sincerely, 

Larelle Read