Tired Of The SMOG…

It’s just the same old crap over and over. Are the band the same without Mick, Derek, Mel? Are they even Simple Minds with only Jim and Charlie left? They’re a mockery now. Play Butlins. They’re not Simple Minds any more. YA DA FUCKING YA!

Is it any wonder I am steering clear of the fan pages these days? I know we don’t all have to agree – be equally – we don’t have to keep expressing the same “opinion” all the bloody time, either!

I’m just tired of it. Really tired of it. So I’ll just stay here in my own little space. I cannot to arsed to argue a point or converse with anyone on the fane pages any more. It’s just so full of BS these days.

Chasing “The Hit” and The “All Time Low” That Follows

OMG! It is SUCH a drug! And I am such an addict! I know how stupid and pathetic it sounds but…perhaps it is all just link to all the good things I’ve felt in my life these past few years? It’s sad!

But, like tonight. I see him post and…I feel a high. “He’s posted! Yay! What’s he talking about? Oh, perhaps if I respond in the right way. Use the right phrase. Pick the right subject. Ask questions….He might respond. Oh, PLEASE let him reply to me!”


And I try and just…I dunno. Respond quick. Try to think of SOMETHING that he might want to respond to.

My comment gets a like. “Yay! Okay, any minute now! Please reply, please reply, please reply. Talk to me, Jim. PLEASE?!”

Minutes tick by. Nothing.

Nope. Not going to happen.

“Has he replied to someone else?” Yep. “He hates me.”

“He’s bored of me.”

My euphoria of the initial posting then deflates.


It’s terrible! Why am I like this? I actually want to cry that I am this pathetic and needy.

And I really shouldn’t talk about this openly. Confess publicly about how fucking pathetic I am. That I LITERALLY hang on the every word of this man.


Jinky’s Chinwag – Bruce Findlay

I only just got round to listening to this last night (listened to the podcast rather than watching the YouTube video). It’s 2 hours long and I started listening to it late last night. I expected to eventually drift off to sleep as tiredness came upon me… but I was riveted. Enthralled. Bruce’s life story is fascinating and he went into quite some detail into his formative years. How he started out with the record shops and all the different jobs he had apart from buying the records, the travel he did as a young man (and I could see how there would have been in instant kinship between he and Jim with those hitchhiking travelling stories). It was absolutely fascinating. Not without its more sombre parts too, it has to be said.

It all leading on to Bruce’s Records, and to the Zoom label and, of course, managing Simple Minds.

If you have a spare two hours, give it a watch (or listen to the podcast). Bruce doesn’t have legendary status among us Minds fans for nowt, you know!

A lovely man. Always so warm and gregarious.

If You Have A Light To Shine…

If I ever did have one in the first place…it has currently been extinguished.

Oh, beautiful Sarah, you keep shining your brilliant light, though…

How Neglectful Of Me!

And after a bit of an absence (not that I take notes on these things or anything, but I do believe it was around Dec 10th…it’ll be on the blog history anyway) from our previous “tete-a-tete”, a bit of fun play was had last night. And ridiculously timely it was too…as I’d been in full “meltdown” mode for about 36 hours prior to that.

I have a Big Music Game to play…and I hope I get the right result. I’m sure this will be picked up and understood by the cognoscenti…