On My Radio – CAD and JDB

Firstly – coming up this evening, Catherine Anne Davies and Bernard Butler are talking to Janice Long on BBC Radio Wales about their collaboration producing the album set for release next month, In Memory Of My Feelings. The album was originally due for release last Friday but some vinyl pressing issues meant that the release was delayed by four weeks.

Click on the photo of Janice to be taken to the relevant page. You can listen in live tonight from 7pm on Radio Wales via the BBC Sounds app.

In connecting Welsh relations – James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers joined Gary Davies (sitting in for Ken Bruce) for his “Tracks Of My Years” playlist. Included in his choices was Speed Your Love To Me. Someone kindly extracted the relevant part of the program on Radio 2 and posted it to YouTube.

Get listening!

More On Speed Your Love To Me – Acoustic

I posted this on the SMO Facebook visitor wall, so I may as well add it here too.

Jim…I just need to write again about Speed Your Love To Me on the Acoustic vinyl.It is the most beautiful, tender, sweet, gorgeous thing I’ve heard since…well, Spirited Away, probably.

And like Spirited Away, I just keep having to play it over and over (and over…and over). It is almost too beautiful in fact, it kind of puts me beyond tears. I’m sure that doesn’t make any sense. The first few times I listened to it, I cried…because it is just so frigging beautiful…but it is now just…astonishment…disbelief…that something can be this beautiful. That’s the feeling.

I take myself back to April and hearing the snippet from Zermatt and hear myself being dismissive, thinking “No. that doesn’t work”…and I just feel peeved at myself for being so dismissive.

I really did think (for me personally, anyway) Glittering Prize was the best rework of the songs on the Acoustic CD…and then I get the vinyl and play Speed Your Love and Light Travels, and that conclusion gets TOTALLY blown out the water. MASSIVELY! Don’t get me wrong, I still ADORE Glittering Prize. It’s the antithesis, in a way, to Speed Your Love. It’s tender too, but upbeat, sunny…GLITTERING, as the title very aptly suggests.

But with Speed Your Love, what was once rocking and crashing and anthemic – a youthful, urgent, passionate celebration of young love has now been turned on its head into this soft, yearning, fragile…just. I can’t put it into words! It’s just beautiful. I’m sorry to go on…but it is just the best thing. It really is.

The song was in my Top 50. It’s on my 50 list art piece…but instead of being (if I was really THAT methodical and listed them in a strict 1 to 50 order…I couldn’t do that!) probably around the 20s somewhere…it has been CATAPULTED waaaay up! It’s definitely Top 10 now! Maybe in that hallowed Top 5! (Could it slot in somewhere just below my solid Top 3? YES!)

Again…thank you for such a gift. To Charlie, Gordy…both of them if they worked on the rearrangement together. It’s beautiful.

(Top 50 deliberately blurred for hightlight purposes.

And added to the comments:
Oh, forgot to mention. Each time I watch the Hackney gig…you saying “Beat THAT, Sarah Brown! Ha!” makes me giggle every time. Such bravado!!! Lol. But, rightly so! (Sarah DOES sing with you on it, you do realise that, don’t you, Jim? Lol)

Thank you, Sir. It always means so much when you reply. And…I think we can safely say that “like” is an understatement! Lol

Acoustic – Bonus Tracks – Speed Your Love To Me

I wrote on the SM visitor wall…

“It was worth every single second of the wait for the vinyl for this alone. This one track epitomises exactly why you guys had to do this thing. Thank you! It is a gift. ❤️ 

By the way…I was going to re-record this ‘cos as soon as I played it back, all I could hear was the fish tank filter! Lol. Fish inside said tank is called Ziggy – he’s a red and white goldfish – should have called him Aladdin, really. It adds to the ambience – and to be honest…when I was listening to it the first time round, all I could hear was the music, yourself and Sarah. 

Impressive falsettos, sir! It’s just beautiful. Truly.”

Colourful Fold-Out Minds – Blue Suited Jim

Fold out magazine pin-up booklet with Jim on the cover. The inner blurb on the Minds is actually quite a good little blurb for such a throw-away piece of musical tat. And I do love that picture with Jim finger on chin, plotting world domination (or Derek’s demise from the band, at least). 

Lovely bit of finger-wagging action 🙂

“She would like to make a wish / Twenty-fourth cannot be this” – Speed Your Love To Me, Simple Minds.