Prip’s 2020 Gig Hop!

It’s a bit more spaced out than 2017 and the Acoustic tour. A little bit more like the stop-start of last year’s gigs.

So…on the menu we have…

Copenhagen (and OMG I can take in some Hans Christian Andersen history too!)

Paris (the venue is a stunning building right on the Seine…I mean…IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER – it’ll be akin to going to the Sydney Opera House. Oh My God!!!)

Leeds (really enjoyed last year’s gig at Leeds – though this is obviously a different venue and experience this time round)

Dublin (had to go back to Dublin – just a regular GA ticket there)

A finale in Glasgow and I have gone for a soundcheck experience. Yes!

Cherisse Live Instagram Drumkit Run Through

Tomorrow, Nov 6th at 3pm CST (American Central Standard Time) – which is 9pm GMT – Cherisse will conduct a live Instagram stream to run through her drumkit during soundcheck in New Orleans.

Be there or be square!

The Hidden Mic “Trick”

I know I shouldn’t laugh..but just, holy fuck…this cracked me up and I need the laughs…and the reminder that – nobody’s perfect (esp. me) and that IT’S OKAY to be a fuck up…and as a good friend said to me…that, maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

Hard NOT to be hard on yourself when all you feel you do IS ENDLESSLY fuck up.

Thank you, Jim. Thank you for just…being the perfect accidental comedian 🙂 I adore you!

Happy Kerrsday Thursday, peeps 🙂

What’s Your Name? What’s Your Nation?

Loving the bit of this soundcheck where everyone starts shouting out where they’re from 🙂 I’m assuming that “north of Sydney” dude will be at next month’s Newcastle gig? (That’s a few of hours “north of Sydney” right there…) Lucky sod!

The meet and greet was a fab experience…but if it had been tied up with a soundcheck? All the better! Perhaps next time. (I’ll at least have the funds next time!)

A bit of Love Song anyways…and you forgot my favourite lines, Lieutenant Kerrlumbo 😉 (if we had to pronounce it with a Scot’s accent, I’d never be able to do all these crappy puns with your name. Lol)

The Cross On Soundcloud For 24hrs

Yesterday I shared Francesca Froesch’s YouTube video of SM performing Prince’s The Cross at the KKL in Luzern, Switzerland. I wanted so many people to see it. I shared it on SM fan groups I’m a member of…and after a while, despite something telling me it would not be “de rigueur”, I shared it on the SMO Facebook visitor wall. IT NEEDED TO BEEN SEEN AND HEARD! As I feared, it was removed. I don’t know why – perhaps it is simply that they don’t want to tread on the toes of the Prince estate, or they just think “it ain’t up to much” – WHICH IS CRAZY!

Anyway, Gordon had a go last night. But that was removed, AGAIN. But…perhaps mine and Gordon’s efforts to try and do that persuaded the guys to do something to get it heard by other fans (Gordon’s fan group and my blog only spread so far in the Simple Minds fandom!). I’m kind of hoping it was our persuasion that made this possible.

So, here is a soundcheck version of The Cross made available to listen to for the next 24hours on SoundCloud:

As for the YouTube clip? My blog – my rules! It stays as long as the clip remains on YT! Thank you Francesca for recording such a precious gem! 🙂