Minds Music Monday – Jeweller To The Stars/The Jeweller (Part 2)

I don’t know why I have it stuck in my head as a Charlie Burchill song, but I just do. And by a Charlie song, I mean it being a song about Charlie.I don’t know where I have got that implanted in my head. It must have been something Jim had said when talking about the song? Perhaps he just expressed a particular likeness for Charlie’s guitar work on the track? Whatever it was, I have thought of “Jeweller” as Charlie’s song ever since.

Proving also that inspiration can come from just about anywhere, Jim said the lyrics came about from him seeing an advert in a magazine. I love it when he can share stories of defined examples of lyrical inspiration. I am sure most times his lyrics are an amalgam of inspiration. Pieces of a mosaic, as obscure and ambiguous as his words can be. Esp. early on in his songwriting. Never really a single point of focus. Well that’s how it seems anyway.

I like both the recorded versions of the song that I’ve heard. Both are very similar in sound with no real variation in lyrics, only just some backing vocal lyrics on one version, with Jim’s voice alternating in left and right channels to say “I want you – I still want you” – which for me is seductively sexy. 

“When all seems lost, you’ll find the diamonds in the rough” is the general optimistic message of the song. Well, that’s how I interpret it.

Pick out the jewels.

Love Song Demo – Silver Box

Oh, how I love the demo tracks on Silver Box. The one getting the most appreciation at the moment is Love Song. That stripped back quality of it. Just bass and guitar driving it…and all those little…almost…night rainforest/jungle sounds on it. 
The demos are usually accredited as being produced by Mick MacNeil. I know nothing of production, really, but from what I hear, Mick would (and does) make a great producer.

Second lot of great photos in the Silver Box booklet. Will definitely have to attempt a scan of all these :-))

Loving the photos in the Silver Box booklet :-))
Might be tough to do because the box and booklet are SSOO thick, but will try and get proper scans at some point.

Really, really do want to get myself a copy of Silver Box. It is a great insight into the band. Some of the demos are not in the best condition, audio-wise, but they are still fabulous none the less. And some songs end up quite different. Jim certainly liked to play around with lyrics! Twist/Run/Repulsion for example has a completely different lyric (although the background French speaking is still the same).

I’ve looked into getting a copy but the ones I’ve seen so far on eBay tend to go for silly money (around £100!). Maybe one day…as a special treat for myself it might be possible.