Today I Have Been Mostly…

OD-ing on this sweaty, snake-hipped absolute sex god adonis. Gorgeousness of Glasgow.

I just…need him today. You make it go away, and you make it worse all at the same time.

I adore you, and I don’t care if you think me a lunatic. Well, I do. And you no doubt do.

So be it. (SM start in the clip around 5min 40sec)


It’s Work…Honestly, Gov…

Today I will be mostly trying to spot nipple on a rather resplendent and rippled chest.

Ooh I do love a skinny boy.

YES! It is not lost on me the irony…

But I can’t help what I like to be aesthetically pleasing.

The fact that I am a washed out old hag with tits that flop to her knees and legs the size of tree stumps is neither here nor there.

Oh, I have done some painting today too. If only I could endlessly paint (well!) this fine specimen of perfection. Right down to that luscious, kinky folded ear. Nom nom nom!!

(Damn, I should have nibbled on it at Bridlington! I WAS ON HIS LEFT SIDE FFS!)

Thigh Rubbing Action!

Was watching the Rockpalast gig from Cologne, 1982, earlier.

Celebrate came on and I was already thinking “here we go!”…then the lovely thigh-rubbing action I had forgotten about happened. Grrr!

Haven’t made a gif for a long while, but I had to make this clip of Jim in full sweaty, thigh-rubbing glory. Nom nom nom!!!