It’s Work…Honestly, Gov…

Today I will be mostly trying to spot nipple on a rather resplendent and rippled chest.

Ooh I do love a skinny boy.

YES! It is not lost on me the irony…

But I can’t help what I like to be aesthetically pleasing.

The fact that I am a washed out old hag with tits that flop to her knees and legs the size of tree stumps is neither here nor there.

Oh, I have done some painting today too. If only I could endlessly paint (well!) this fine specimen of perfection. Right down to that luscious, kinky folded ear. Nom nom nom!!

(Damn, I should have nibbled on it at Bridlington! I WAS ON HIS LEFT SIDE FFS!)

Thigh Rubbing Action!

Was watching the Rockpalast gig from Cologne, 1982, earlier.

Celebrate came on and I was already thinking “here we go!”…then the lovely thigh-rubbing action I had forgotten about happened. Grrr!

Haven’t made a gif for a long while, but I had to make this clip of Jim in full sweaty, thigh-rubbing glory. Nom nom nom!!!


Kerrsday Thursday – SBH – Love Song (Countdown)

I know it’s Love Song again. But it’s Countdown. It’s Oz…and Boy with the man-bag and looking ridiculously uber cool and sexy as fuck!

And next week’s Kerrsday Thursday I’ll be back in Blighty, freezing my tits off (which I kind of prefer anyway! Lol. I mean, not freezing my tits off – but feeling cold rather than hot)…so let’s have Boy being all in black and looking slightly tanned and wearing shades indoors, cos he can! Fuck it! God love him.

All hail Jim Kerr! The Boy have buckets of swag 🙂

Ciao, Australia…maybe see you again?