Celebrate – Werchter, 2012

I’d already be losing my shit, being in raptures being at a 5×5 gig – but at the 3 minute 30 second mark…if he was that close to me, his sweat falling on me…I swear I’d orgasm! He is just pure sex! God, I adore you, Jim Kerr! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I will never stop dreaming of being your rag doll, you Adonis! ❤️❤️

Simple Minds – A Gift From Heaven – Record Mirror 1982 (May/June?)

Not exactly sure of the date. It just came to me as a clipping. I got it because of that Shelia Rock photo of Jim. God, that is such a wonderful photoshoot. There are some beautiful images of Jim in that white outfit – the jaiket and the “jodpurs” as he called them once. I think he was having a shot at my obvious penchant for him in that suit with those boots, with his dyed black hair and all that guyliner and make up. I guess I am pretty overt with that love of the 1982 Kerr aesthetic.

I’ll find the reply I got asking him about him namechecking Philip K Dick when posting about Theme For Great Cities a few years back.

Oh, but just look at him! A THOUSAND TIMES – YES! I love that jaiket. Without the jaiket though?! ERRRRRRRMAGEEEEERRRRRRD!!!! You are sex on legs, Kerr!

I’ve spent sssooo much time delaying this post trying to find that reply from Jim about sci-fi, Philip K Dick and his 1982 aesthetic that I will add it WHEN I find it!

UPDATE: The little FB tete-a-tete in question…


L’amour Jim

It’s a bit late for Kerrsday Thursday, but what the heck.

Fuck he’s sexy! Yeah, all the hankering was cast aside for a month while I was distracted by “having a life” in Oz.

Back to the hankering and drooling. Lol

I Donut Want Any, Girly!

Lol. Oh, he made my day again today. Although, of course…the mere mention of black PVC trousers has my mind wandering off to all kinds of wonderful scenarios….

*fans self*

The initial reply from me was in response to him thanking a couple of Aussie fans for their posts to the visitor wall, and it being a year to the day since they (Simple Minds) landed in Perth for their most recent Oz/NZ tour.

I should have said something like “whereas I would be wanting to spend all my time trying to get you OUT of them!” Oh, man, I wish! Lol

Anyway…tight black trousers… 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Big Music Arena Tour – Slim Jim

Oh, he is looking mighty, mighty fine! 😉

Sexy man! Love him to bits – more and more each day.

Heart is going to burst.

Thursday/Friday is going to be SSSOOO HARD, knowing I could have been there to see him :-(((

I’m dreading how I’m going to be feeling…

Sorry, no credit for photo. Shared by fan on a Simple Minds FB fan page. Will gladly give credit if known by anyone who the photographer is.