Colchester Videos

Hunter And The Hunted and The American have been posted on the main review thread. Following is Promised You A Miracle and a Alive And Kicking/Sanctify Yourself/End of gig “Dad Dance” mega clip.

There’ll be snippets of Let There Be Love and All The Things She Said added shortly…


Sanctify Yourself With Diana Campanella

We love Diana in the Simple Minds fanbase. Her latest video does NOT disappoint. The end is the “piece de resistance”. Jim needs to give SERIOUS consideration to having Diana at a gig when they next make it to the States. That would be one HECK of a dance off at the end of the gig! Lol. I’d pay to see it! (By the way, I am LOVING those Hello Kitty tights!)

Sanctify Yourself – Once Upon A Time – Jim Peace Dove Postcards

Jim loves his birds – the feathered AND non-feathered varieties. Lol

Postcards, from a collection of which I got from eBay.