Video Review – Blenheim Palace

Sorry it’s a video review but it was the only quick way for me to do it. Needs must and all that. Hope you enjoy my waffling and moaning. Lol

WARNING: You’ll see my hagged old face and have to endure my croaky voice and dripping nose. Sorry! To make up for it, there are some musical snippets…

To the left of the photo was our hero video screen tech guy.

A Day Away…

My flight home this evening was cancelled and my very gracious host is keeping me accommodated for another night.

All the breakdown of the gig will come soon. It might be a short review when I got to it.

The very short review is – myself and my gig buddy, Ruth, got absolutely DRENCHED and it took about 2.5 hours to drive back to her house afterwards.

All three bands were amazing.

A few pics for now.

Quit It, Rain!

It was from a lady leaving a comment on today’s SMO post about her great time at the Colchester gig and saying the local paper had 125 photos from the gig in it did I go and look to see if I was in any of them…and lo. Lol

There’s “Little Beige Riding Hood” with a face that says “rain, can you PLEASE fuck off?” Lol. So funny…