Promised You A (Redo) Miracle

The ones I felt I needed to redo for New Gold Dream have been completed. All of the New Gold Dream album now has lyric art pieces. One album down, only 16(?) to go!

But…wow! How good did this one turn out?! Unlike the reticence I had with NGD itself…this is just…heavenly!


Cleaned Up Hacienda Footage

I’m pretty sure this footage from the Hacienda has had a clean up job. It still looks blurry in places…but OMG! He’s in leather! And his hair is cropped at the back, but longer at the front and slicked back. 

The man is an absolute ADONIS! I know I have it bad…but just…the way he can alternate from being an absolute cool, sexy AF frontman…to pasty, made up goth prince and STILL exude ice cool…is just…JAW-DROPPING! 

Excuse me while I fangirl in the extreme and say: Jim Kerr – you absolutely stunningly beautiful man. I ADORE YOU! ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋


Okay…it’s all about the music. Kids…enjoy Promised You A Miracle…

More Mickey Taking…

If anyone is willing to pay this price, you are just fueling the profiteering. Seriously…wait a few months, a year….there’s no need to have it right now. Bide your time. Wait and if you still want it as a keepsake and rarity, you’ll get it for a justifiable price…NOT THIS SILLINESS! 


Simple Minds Acoustic

Wonderful news from the Simple Minds camp today! The release of an acoustic album of classic Minds songs (plus one cover, of Richard Hawley’s Long Black Train). The CD will be released on November 11 (the first 1000 copies pre-ordered will get a limited signed copy by Jim and Charlie – GET IN QUICK! I’ve already ordered mine!). The double vinyl copy will be released November 25th and contains bonus tracks.

Lead single from the album is a new acoustic version of Promised You A Miracle with KT Tunstall on guest vocals. You can hear it via Spotify.

And for those not into Spotify…

Of course there is much more info via and their various social media outlets.